Why choose DETROIL?

Dear customer, if you’re reading this, then probably you’re already interested in our products. Before you choose your brand of engine oil, please, read carefully what we have to say right to the end. Thanks in advance

Fair play is above anything else

A consumer in the US is aware, and expects, to be able to spend his hard-earned dollars to maximum advantage, aims to buy the best goods at appropriate prices, and expects that corporations and government won’t cash in on him.

Product success is assured in Russia

Before entering the Russian market we thoroughly evaluated our chances, studying the mechanisms of the local lubricant markets, tracking our potential business sector, and studying the buying preferences of typical car owners. At the end of this work we had come to an inspiring conclusion, that the similarity between Russian car owners and American car owners in terms of buying behaviour and preferences was greater than 65%. That meant that our product was likely to be received positively by Russian customers.

Technologies proven over time

We brought to Russia the most effective formulations and technologies, which had been tried, tested and refined over several decades. Today those formulations and technologies are used, under contract, in the production of various types of oils at our US plants, manufacturing for the large corporate groups.

High technology products at affordable prices

We always take care to balance the price-quality ratio to provide «the best product at an affordable price». For that reason we do not load product costs with unnecessary expenses:

  • No exotic packaging (cans, etc.) raising the price of the product
  • No flashy marketing, and no hype significantly raising the price of the product

Only high-quality professional products; only real American quality transforming into the driver’s confidence on the road for hundreds of thousands of miles.

Our goal is a satisfied customer

On the Russian market we use the same behavioural pattern, as in USA and Canada: satisfying the needs and expectations of our clients to the fullest extent. The customer must not just be satisfied, but pleased!

What we do for our customer

  • Our educational programmes help potential customers to become more critical in their choices; developing rational approaches to the consumption of petroleum products for their vehicles
  • We aim to be as close as possible to our consumers by using on-line services with high-quality technical support
  • The company is planning to build a corporate chain of PZM-DETROIL (lube and technical fluid bays) across the whole Volga-Vyatka region of Russia for the timely and high-quality changing of lubricants

Further similarity to Russia

North America is a continent spreading for 7 thousand kilometers from North to South. The continent is situated across all climatic zones of the planet excluding the equatorial zone. Such a variety of climatic types has resulted in the formation of practically all the world’s natural zones within North America. These conditions present a significant resemblance to Russia, where the maximum temperature difference between the southernmost and the northernmost regions of the country is 116.6 °C.

Such climatic diversity dictates increased requirements for the lubricants used in motor vehicles. That is why lubricant production technologies developed and tested over the years in North America in various, and sometimes very severe, operating conditions were well received by the Russian car market.

Promoting reliable start up and lubrication in conditions of extremely low temperatures; stability of the viscosity rating in conditions of critically high temperatures; ensuring minimum wear, and the best washing and neutralising performance are just a small part of the functions provided by DETROIL lubricants.