LIQUID MAKER LLC takes a responsible attitude towards society and the environment, with the backing of its shareholders. Such an understanding of high moral and ethical responsibility does not come in just one or five years. Such responsibility develops gradually, step by step, year by year, a responsibility which the company has passed on all along the long path of its half-century history.

Social responsibility

Accepted corporate social responsibility is aimed at the support of university education with specialisation in:

  • Tribology
  • Inorganic and organic chemistry
  • Biotechnology

Funding the scientific and applied work of young scientists; supporting innovation programmes in R&D institutions; providing assistance to R&D labs and centres with materials and technical equipment for new innovation projects, daily we aim to contribute to the development of petroleum chemistry, making it more advanced and safer for mankind and for nature.

We consider corporate labour protection as our primary responsibility. That is why great attention is paid to the protection of workers. In our activities we follow all the rules that guarantee the safety of our employees and the wider public.

Environmental responsibility

Covering a lot of ground for our own improvement, and contributing to the development of the US petrochemical industry, today we have become adept in the modern philosophy of relationships between humans and nature. In our company we see nature as a home for humans to live in. Ecology, as translated from Greek, means science about the home. The principles of humanism are now not only associated with humans, but also with nature, and in that context humanism is losing its former meaning and becoming ‘ecohumanism’.

Mankind’s love egoistically directed on himself has led eventually to the ecological crisis. Ecohumanism, as opposed to the conventional humanism, sees human existence as a part of nature. That is why man has to deal with nature with the same care as when dealing with himself.

Nature is valuable for me, for you, for us, and for existing and future social systems. This transformation of consciousness nowadays comes into many large and medium-sized companies and to the public in the United States. Mankind is faced with the very difficult task of providing for the mutual evolution of society and nature. But this task requires renewed morality, which must specifically represent responsible ethics in relation to nature. This means that the way humanity treats nature should be the same way that humanity treats itself.

Our shareholders are long-term supporters of the World Wildlife Fund, making annual donations and contributions to ecological programmes, and working with the Washington office. Establishment of cooperative work with the Moscow office of the Fund is planned for the very near future.

Our company uses only modern production technologies (which are considered green, aka non-waste), but we feel tracking further organised disposal of product wastes to be our responsibility too. We are into awareness-building in every possible way, including targeted support of environmental campaigns launched by WWF and directed against improper waste handling. We work with our customers, organising various campaigns, through which we promote sustainable consumption of petroleum products and avoidance of waste hazards emerging in the case of improper handling.