Forum «DETROIL-Communications»

Dear website visitors and active users!

We welcome you to join us in the interactive forum, which will start its work on June 1st, 2016. The purpose of creation of a resource for interactive communication is establishing of direct and honest dialog with end user and business professional communities including environmental communities for discussion of issues related to such subjects as:

  • News from the lubricants industry
  • Reviews and case studies of application of oils, greases, and car care products
  • Commonly held misconception in the field of lubricant application
  • Business partnership
  • Environmental safety

We are interested in:

  • Professional automobile owners and simply car enthusiasts who are into the technical part of an automobile including lubricants and technical fluids
  • People with proactive attitude and active lifestyle who find new technologies development and environmental safety important
  • Specialists from professional community involved in applied sciences in the field of lubricants and their components
  • Professional critics
  • All those who is able and want to be useful (as moderator, columnist, or just those who may help to bring this forum to life)

We are not interested in:

  • Counterfeits from companies afraid of the open competition, whose main goals are provocation and framing
  • Losers who see only faults, lies, etc. in others. but have not done anything for society in their life
  • Anonymous authors

The main principle of our company, which we cannot defy:

  • We are not into politics, and we do not discuss this subject
  • For all our lives we are committed to create products making the life of a man improved and safer
  • We earn an honest livelihood, pay taxes, honor and respect the law of the country we work in