Terms of detroil website use

Dear Users!

These terms of use developed by the company (hereinafter referred to as the Terms) define conditions of www.detroil.com website (hereinafter referred to as the Website) use and establish rights and liabilities of Website visitors (hereinafter jointly referred to as the Website Users. Visiting the Website and using information contained therein you agree with these Terms without any limitations or exceptions. If you disagree with these Terms, please, leave the Website.


1.1. All rights to the Website are reserved by the company (hereinafter referred to as the Company). The website is dedicated to the registered trade mark DETROIL.
1.2. The Company recommends to the Website Users to get acquainted with these Terms as well as the Company’s Personal Data Processing Policy. Using the Website Users agree with the Terms provisions as well as the Company’s Personal Data Processing Policy.


2.1. All results of intellectual activity and means of identification published in the Website including design elements; projects; drawings; prototypes; graphical images (including artwork); photographic work; and work performed by means similar to photography; text; audiovisual work; IBM-compatible software, which is a part of the Website; musical work with lyrics or without lyrics; as well as trademarks and design solutions are protected in accordance with the law of the Russian Federation, and according to the international treaties with participation of the Russian Federation. Above stated protected items together and individually comprise protected content of the Website (hereinafter referred to as the Content).
2.2. Company is an owner of copyright to the Website as a compiled work, as well as Content (except when otherwise is specified in the corresponding page with the Content).
2.3. Except as otherwise is expressly provided in these Terms as well as by the current legislation of the Russian Federation, the Content cannot be used (including copying publishing, reproduction, rework, marketing, or used in any different way), partially, or as a whole without the Company’s consent.
2.4. Citation of text materials published on the Website is allowed with imperative specification of active hyperlink to detroil.ru or to the section of the Website with cited Content.


3.1. The Website may contain links to third party websites from the Internet. The Company does not control such websites, and is not responsible for legitimacy of the content published in the third party websites; in any case the Terms do not apply to using such websites. Website Users shall get acquainted with the Privacy Policy and/or Terms of Use of each visited website.


4.1. Visiting the Website and using its functionality the Website User is liable to:

  • Comply with provision of the current legislation of the Russian Federation and these Terms
  • Indemnify for losses incurred by the Company, Website Users, or third parties as a result of violation of the Terms or the Russian Federation legislation
  • Follow the Terms as well as the legislation of the Russian Federation; using the Website get acquainted with all legal information published on the Website or available through the hyperlinks
  • Check the Company’s announcements in relation to the Terms amendments on a regular basis
  • Leave the Website in case of disagreement with the Terms and amendments applied


5.1. Company provides Website Users with technical functionality of Website using.
5.2. Company is entitled to process Personal Data of the Website Users.
5.3. Company is liable to consider notifications submitted via the feedback form at www.detroil.com/contacts/.
5.4. Notwithstanding the fact that the Company tries to provide accurate information on the Website, the Company is not responsible for the accuracy of information published on the Website.
5.5. All information provided on the Website as is, with possible mistakes, without of any kind of guarantee, express or implied. The Company does not provide any guarantee in relation to the information published on the Website. The Company is not responsible for any indirect, actual, or consequential damages including loss of benefit as a result of use of information published on the Website, even if the Company was warned on possibility of such losses.


6.1. The Company is entitled to amend these Terms. Changes will be published on the Website www.detroil.com, as well as in other Company sources, as necessary. Changes will be applied to those parties in particular, who are the Website Users at the moment, when changes become effective.


7.1. All Users registered on the Website are entitled to participate in discussion on subjects offered on the forum. Comments in forum shall correspond to this Agreement and offered subject. All comments are always reflect personal opinion of the User.

7.2. It is prohibited on the Forum to:

  • Push for violation of the current legislation
  • Use obscene expressions, insulting and/or threats, as well as words and expressions, posting of which is technically restricted by the Website Administration
  • Use nicknames violating conventional moral and ethical standards, or anyhow offending other Users of the Forum
  • Misinform other Users of the Forum in any way including nicknames pretending to execution of special functions (Moderators, Website Administration, authority representatives, government agency officials, etc.) misguiding other Users of the Forum in any way including using nicknames resembling nicknames of the bodies mentioned above
  • Post materials of an advertising nature as well as links to such materials
  • Publish links to other websites, if it is not the way to substantiate an opinion expressed by author of the post, or for the purpose of the message comprehension increasing, as well as publish links to websites, which technically restricted by the Website Administration
  • Create threads duplicating previously created threads on this subjects and not closed
  • Publicly discuss actions of the Website Administration (all claims shall be sent by means of the private messages)
  • Post meaningless messages

7.3. Website Administration is not responsible for contents of messages and other materials published on the Forum, and their possible incompliance with the current legislation; for authenticity of materials posted by a User; and for the quality of information and images posted. All materials posted on the Forum express the opinion of their respective authors only, and may not be shared by the Website Administration or Moderators.
7.4. The Forum is under post-moderation: all messages are firstly posted on the Forum, and then may be reviewed by Moderators. If the User posts messages not corresponding to this Agreement, then the Website Administration may ban this User from the Forum, or lock out member account of this User.
7.5. User including information from other websites in user’s comments shall assure that this website allows such information distribution on its own accord. Specification of cited website URL is mandatory. Responsibility for unauthorised posting of links and information, and possible violation of copyrights fully rests with the User.
7.6. Each new message may be posted on the Forum only once. Duplicating of the message is not allowed.
7.7. All User messages on the Forum shall be posted in Russian language following all orthographic and punctuation rules.
7.8. The Administrator assigns community Moderators on the Forum among the Forum Users. Moderators shall be assigned for all Forum or for some of its sections.
7.9. Moderator is a User of the Forum providing natural communication of Users, and prevention of violation of this Agreement. Moderator’s liabilities include maintaining the order on the Forum, and control of information posted on the Forum (including removing of any kind of spam from the Forum).
7.10. Moderator position is public. User assigned as the Moderator has no rights to assign other Moderators or delegate authority. Participating in discussion of any subject the Moderator expresses personal opinion only.
7.11. Moderators assignment is performed by the Website Administration’s decision. The basis for such decision may be: proposals of other Moderators; individual request from an active User of the Forum; recommendations of other Users - sent via the private messages system; or Administrator’s choice. Prior to make an assignment the Website Administration shall obtain a consent from such User.
7.12. Revocation of Moderator’s authority may be performed by decision of the Website Administration in the following cases: Moderator’s own initiative; results of the final voting among the Forum Users; Decision of the Website Administration without explanation of reasons and causes of its actions to the Forum Users. Releases from authority Moderator shall be notified by the Website Administration by means of the private message.
7.13. Rules of conduct on the Forum are certainly applied to the Moderators as well.
7.14. Moderator is entitled to:

  • Delete messages or threads
  • Edit any messages
  • Announce closing of a thread
  • Restrict Users in rights to editing and viewing the Forum
  • Caution Users

7.15. Moderator must monitor the Forum section under supervision of the Moderator, add information contents, maintain User activity, and delete links to other information sources, if not directly related to the topic or advertising.
7.16. Moderator must delete threads and comments without any meaning and/or not corresponding of the Forum subject matter.
7.17. Moderator must not disclose personal data and other confidential information about certain User or Website as a whole, which is obtained from other Users or third parties as well as owing to position held without consent of the User or Website Administration.
7.18. Website Administration shall not be liable for actions or comments of the Moderator. However if the Moderator abuses given authority, or posts incorrect, rude, offensive, or unjust comments, then authority of this Moderator may be cancelled by the decision of the Website Administration based on complaints from other Website Users.