Learn more about distribution

Distributorship – is one of the relatively new field of activity not only in Russia, but in the whole world. First distributors appeared in USA in 30’s of the last century. They worked using multi-level marketing schemes (earning interest from sales on condition of successful involvement of new clients into the distribution network).

Distributor in the modern sense is a company performing functions of commercial agent in organisation of stock movement and manufacturer’s product distribution.

What advantages do i get with this status?

Distributors have several advantages, and all of them are rather obvious:

  • Special conditions of partnership (discounts and bonuses system, and special payment conditions: access to financial instruments offered to the manufacturers)
  • Access to the full range of manufacturing company production
  • Full media support of the product by manufacturer’s qualified specialists
  • Custom programs of promotion and motivation; the scope of these programs depends on actual or planned distributor sales
  • Assistance in development of manufacturer’s product sales on the territory of distributor using sales agents and trade representatives
  • There is no direct responsibility for product quality
  • There are no legal or financial risks related to the third parties

How can i get the status of distributor?

Every manufacturer defines its own requirements to the companies applying for distributor status with regard to manufacturer’s production. Generally said requirements may be summarised in several standard articles:

  • Stable financial condition and good credit history
  • Good professional practice in the segment including products of selected manufacturer, and availability of consistently growing client base
  • Availability of technical feasibility of handling products from the manufacturer (storage facilities, transport, special equipment for storage, etc.)
  • Availability of qualified salespeople
  • Readiness to cooperative promotion of products from the manufacturer on the territory assigned to the distributor
  • Readiness to follow the pricing policy recommended by the manufacturer
  • Readiness to investments to own development

Distributor is a reliable and close partner of the manufacturer. The manufacturer in its turn is interested in prosperity, and creates positive environment for this purpose.

Offering distributorship we offer you another opportunity for growth of you welfare.