Manufacturing in Russia

LIQUID MAKER LLC — is a joint Russian-American company specialising in the production of high-quality lubricants and technical fluids for motor vehicles and for industry. A state-of-the-art hi-tech motor oil manufacturing plant was built in Russia in 2013. The plant is located in Nizhny Novgorod, which is a major Russian industrial chemical, technology, and logistics centre. The first company product under the DETROIL brand was introduced to the market in 2014.

Setting up the business in Russia was justified by the expectations of shareholders that there would be expansion of the markets for trademarked products both across the vast territory of Russia as well as the former Soviet Republics. Such wide-ranging markets hide great potential for trademark products, well-balanced in quality and price.

As of today LIQUID MAKER LLC is a modern blending enterprise with automated production processes, and American and European equipment allowing the manufacture of high-quality high-technology products. All technical solutions implemented at the production site are in full compliance with the requirements of Russian environmental regulations.

International quality management systems complying with the ISO9001, and ISO16949 standards have been implemented since the start of operations, as with the parent company, which is a member of the ASQ (American Society for Quality). The safety of our products in respect of human health and the environment is confirmed by ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification.

Today LIQUID MAKER LLC is performing well thanks to the half -century of experience, and academic research expertise gathered by the parent company operating a large R&D lab in Michigan. All the basic formulations and technology used by the enterprise in Russia has been well-proved by many performance tests and by consumers in the USA and Canada over several decades. LIQUID MAKER LLC uses, among other things, Russian basic raw materials subjected to high-technology synthesis with the application of patented NEOTEL technology. Further blending of the resulting basic product with additives made by leading American manufacturers, enhances the initial properties of those additional components and ensures compliance with the requirements of the current specifications of US and European car makers. Our analytical laboratory provides analyses of the complete range of incoming raw materials, control of all stages of the production process, and any modifications to the required parameters in order to maintain the consistency of the product forms and formulations.

The plant in Russia is the third in succession built by the company. Our shareholders also own a service company carrying out drilling operations on the Bakken Shale, North Dakota. Our US plants have produced oils for different sectors under contract manufacturing for large, internationally known brands for the last 20 years.